Monday, December 5, 2011

issue 2 - Lil' Gregory: the cute lil' angry robot

Here is issue 2, just like I promised! Just a bit later than I had planned on. Anyway, this issue steals from a few places in my life. First and formost, Frances Farmer. (I call her Francis Farmer in the strip.) She's a real person, but not someone I actually knew. (Here's her Wiki page: ) I actually got her name from the song by Nirvana, 'Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seatlle'. A favorite of mine and I couldn't help it. Secondly, the line "I broke my uterus." was stolen from high school. It was a poplular saying by the guys.... none of whom had a uterus. And finally, G.I. Joes, who I played with non-stop for my entire childhood. That's it.... ENJOY! (issue 3 coming tomorrow.)

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