Wednesday, December 28, 2011

issue 111 - Gregory: the really angry robot

Welcome back from the Christmas break. It's almost the new year and I thought a new character was in order. Meet.... The Scary Clown. He'll be showing up again real soon.... so don't get too comfortable. I hope you dig him. ENJOY!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

issue 110 - Gregory: the really angry robot (HOLIDAY SPECIAL)

Sorry kids, I forgot to put this issue online yesterday. My mistake. This is the Gregory Christmas special and brand new for you! I figured that the best way to celebrate the holiday, was to create something fresh for all of you to enjoy. I came up with this while looking at some mistletoe and wondering what was funny about it. I think the result was a good one. I hope you agree. Merry Ho-Ho everyone!!!! ENJOY!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

issue 109 - Gregory: the really angry robot (THE RETURN, again.)

Well kids.... it's been a long time coming, but here it is: the first new isssue of 'Gregory: the really angry robot'. I don't know how long it's been since i put out an issue, but it's been years. Anyway, this issue was inspired by the idea of bringing back Gregory and how he'd feel about it. In the coming issues, the topics get crazier. The feel and look is still the same as it ever was, I just hope the humor is still there and that you still dig it. Feel free to comment and we'll see you again next week! ENJOY! (next week is a very special holiday issue, DON'T MISS IT!)

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

issue 3 - Lil' Gregory: the cute lil' angry robot

This is the last issue for this series, for now. Nothing here really from my childhood. This is just unabashed Dennis-based-comedy.... at it's rawest and cutest. If this issue doesn't make sense, read it again. It'll sink in. ENJOY!

Monday, December 5, 2011

issue 2 - Lil' Gregory: the cute lil' angry robot

Here is issue 2, just like I promised! Just a bit later than I had planned on. Anyway, this issue steals from a few places in my life. First and formost, Frances Farmer. (I call her Francis Farmer in the strip.) She's a real person, but not someone I actually knew. (Here's her Wiki page: ) I actually got her name from the song by Nirvana, 'Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seatlle'. A favorite of mine and I couldn't help it. Secondly, the line "I broke my uterus." was stolen from high school. It was a poplular saying by the guys.... none of whom had a uterus. And finally, G.I. Joes, who I played with non-stop for my entire childhood. That's it.... ENJOY! (issue 3 coming tomorrow.)

Sunday, December 4, 2011

issue 1 - Lil' Gregory: the cute lil' angry robot

Hello faithful readers and those new to the site! If you've never read 'Gregory: the really angry robot' before, this isn't the best place to start. If you're up to date on all of the issues so far, then this might be a treat. Every once in a while, I did a special issue or a spin-off or side issue all together. This was a 3 part series involving the 'Gregory' cast as little kids. Who doesn't love to see their favorite characters as little versions of themselves? And I love Halloween, so it was a no brainer to merge the two. Then I added Dennis and POOF! instant classic. This is issue 1 in the series and I'm planning on releasing the other 2 over the next two days. I am planning on doing more of these in the future.... I think. Unless something changes and I can't come up with any good ideas. Only time well tell. In the meantime, here's issue 1 and a little extra treat until the new issues start dropping on Wednesday, December 14th. ENJOY!

Monday, November 28, 2011

UPDATE!: just in time for the site launch.

Good day readers! As I write this, the official site launch for is set for Wednesday Nov 30th. But even better news! NEW issues are set to start running as of December 14th! I am hoping to have them drop weekly, but that will depend on time and motivation. Right now, I already have 5 issues done and ready to upload. That means.... a little over a months worth of new issues are 100% confirmed! I'm not going to count my chickens just yet, because things are always changing and who knows what the future holds.... perhaps another hiatus? Only time will tell. In the meantime, I had to share the good news.... and just for the fun of it, I am including a 'Gregory' extra below. ENJOY!

(This is an issue of 'The Record Store'. It was a 'one-off' idea I had to use my experiences working at a record store as comic fodder. Sadly, I never could remember enough funny stuff to make it work.... so this is all that ever came of it. It has some detailed art though.)

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Welcome to 'Gregory: the really angry robot'.... a quick bit of info for new readers....

Welcome to the official home of 'Gregory: the really angry robot'. This has been my pet project for 10 years now and I thought it was time to give him a permenant home. I won't bore you with all the details, as I've already spelled everything out in earlier posts. However, here is a little bit of info.... before you dive into the depths.
1) Everything is presented in order. You don't have to read them in order, but they do run together sometimes.... so I recommened that you start at the beginning and work your way back. The reason I put it together like this, was to make sure the newest issues were always on top.
2) If you want a history of the comic before getting started, go to my very first post and I've detailed everything out there.
3) I'm going to be updating the site with older material, as there is a lot of other stuff that is related.... but not an 'official' issue of the comic. There are spin-offs, special issues and promo stuff. This site will have all things 'Gregory'.
4) ENJOY! That's the one thing that I always ask. I created this for myself, but it took on a life of its own and I found that other people liked it as much as I did. I hope you do to. And if you do like it, please leave a comment, I'd appreciate any feedback you want to give.
Thanks! And hopefully we'll see you again soon.

(These are teaser banners I made before I came back from one of my breaks. Just an example of something fun that isn't an actual issue of the comic.)

Saturday, November 26, 2011

issue 108 - Gregory: the really angry robot

This is the last issue of 'Gregory' that I ever did. It doesn't mean it's the end of the series, it just meant that I went on yet another hiatus. As you can tell, things were just kind of going nowhere with the comic and it was time to take a break. I only hope that I'll come back to it again soon. In the meantime, you can see where this all started and how it progressed. I also am planning on adding the 'Gregory-in-ex' issues that my friend Adam did for me and some other "bonus" material that has never been seen! So keep your eyes peeled for lots more Gregory fun!!!! ENJOY! (and hopefully I'll be seeing you soon.... with NEW issues!)

issue 107 - Gregory: the really angry robot

At this point in 'Gregory', I was losing steam. Not that I didn't still love the strip and doing it.... it was outside factors that were causing me to not be able to focus on it and give it the love it deserved. This is the second to last issue and I'm not sure how much I like this one. It's still me as a zombie and that I can dig. ENJOY!

issue 106 - Gregory: the really angry robot

This issue is pretty much identical to the last one.... just a different punchline. I still thought it was funny. ENJOY!

issue 105 - Gregory: the really angry robot

I've always loved zombies and it seemed like a logical progression to make myself into one. This issue was spawned from that desire. I know there isn't much to this issue, it's was made mostly for my own purposes. It also introduced my zombie version of myself, so that I could use him again later. What do you think? ENJOY!

issue 104 - Gregory: the really angry robot

The best way (and the way I intended it to be read) to read 'Gregory' is one panel at a time. Even if there are no words, that panel was created for a reason. Either for a subtle change of eyebrows or a slight movement or just to create a pause.... there is a reason for everything I do. This issue is a prime example. It was written at the height of the re-booted 'Batman' craze. Christopher Nolan had made 'Batman' cool again and it was all anyone could talk about. Out of that popularity came this idea. What would Sam Raimi's 'Spider-Man' think of all the hype around Christopher Nolan's 'Batman'? The result is what you're about to read. ENJOY! (I believe this is the issue with the least words used.)

issue 103 - Gregory: the really angry robot

Spongebob meeting Rob Zombie makes a lot more sense than you would think. If you're a fan of Rob's, you'll understand why. This issue was done before it made sense though and seemed like a good idea at the time. Would either of them find it funny? I hope so.... I don't want to die in my sleep. The joke may be an oldie, but it's still a goodie. ENJOY!

issue 102 - Gregory: the really angry robot

I stole Spongebob.... plain and simple. There is no hiding who he is and I don't care. I wanted him to be a part of the strip and now he is! This is the 'get to know you' issue. The next one is where things get uncomfortable. ENJOY!

issue 101 - Gregory: the really angry robot

What better way to follow up a mega sized issue than with a simple nonsense issue! The concept is easy and fun. I came up with it and was extremely happy with the way it came out. It translated from idea to reality really well. It pokes fun of me and pokes fun of how I create each issue. This is one of my favorite issues and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. ENJOY!

issue 100 - Gregory: the really angry robot

When I started this goofy little comic strip, I never saw it going anywhere.... let alone, all the way to 100 issues! Well, once something takes on a life of its own, who knows how far it will go? This is the first mega sized issue that I've done. I have done more panels before, but not like this. This was a labor of love and a great way to celebrate 100 issues of stupidity. ENJOY! (The issue was too large to put in one big piece, as it couldn't be read. So, I broke it up into 5 parts that can be enlarged for easier reading.)

issue 99 - Gregory: the really angry robot

I have a huge mancrush on Rob Zombie.... HUGE. Unless you know me, then you don't understand. It's strictly a artist respecting mancrush. I'm sort of a fan of his music, but the majority of it is his film making. I own all his films and have lost count as to how many times I have seen them. It was only natural that he would appear in my comic at some point. The artwork doesn't do him the justice he deserves, but it's MS Paint after all. This is the lead in to the over sized 100th issue. Get ready....! ENJOY!

issue 98 - Gregory: the really angry robot

This is another one of those issues that was based on real life. My niece actually told me this at one point. We were casually having a cookie and the Cookie Monster came up. Every time I said the Cookie Monster eats cookies, she said, "and people." It was the funniest thing and needed to be shared. I felt that Mark and Steve were the perfect people to deliver the message. ENJOY!

issue 97 - Gregory: the really angry robot

This is the last issue about 'Star Wars' and it's about time! It's a very simple issue, with only minor changes in each panel.... so don't skip ahead. It's nice to finally put the 'period' on the 'sentence'. Thank you George for all of the inspiration and frustration. ENJOY!

issue 96 - Gregory: the really angry robot

It just keeps going and going and going.... but this time, I've brought a new little friend! These issues just prove that if something gets under my skin, it really gets under my skin. Thank god for that. I'd never have any comedy otherwise. My favorite part of this issue is The Pipe Smoking Horse's reaction to the last panel. Priceless. ENJOY!

issue 95 - Gregory: the really angry robot

And the jokes keep on coming. I got a lot of milage out of George Lucas. I don't remember making this many issues about him and the 'Star Wars' re-issues. The joke is a bit sublte in this one, but it's still there and still funny.... in my opinion. ENJOY!

issue 94 - Gregory: the really angry robot

George, George, George.... how you provided me with comedy fodder. This issue rings very true with the collector market and the whole 'double dipping' thing. Granted, I'm not one to run out and buy something just because it comes in a metal tin, but I have been known to get multiple copies of the same movie.... just because of slight variations. (plus, I love The Pipe Smoking Horse.) ENJOY!

issue 93 - Gregory: the really angry robot

Here we go again with the George Lucas nudges. This issue pretty much wrote itself and I am kind of surprised that I'm still not using the joke that I made in this issue. It still tickles my funny bone now. Let's see what you think.... ENJOY!

issue 92 - Gregory: the really angry robot

This issue kind of dates itself by talking about the whole 'Star Wars' reissues. It is just as pointed today though, as Mr. Lucas is still making changes to his films. I also felt so inclined, as to include The Pipe Smoking Horse again. If he wasn't in this issue then the joke never would have made sense. Does it make sense anyway? You decide. ENJOY!

issue 91 - Gregory: the really angry robot

It is rare that I get the best of Gregory. This is one of the issues where I have that pleasure. The joke is a bit dirtier than most of the ones from this comic, but it amuses me none the less. ENJOY!

issue 90 - Gregory: the really angry robot

I really wish I could go back in time and re-live whatever it was that made me create certain issues. This is a prime example. I don't know if I've ever even seen an episode of Boobah, but the joke was based on the stupid rhyme I came up with. After that, just plug in Dennis and all is good! This issue makes me feel dirty. ENJOY!

issue 89 - Gregory: the really angry robot

This issue of Gregory is a tribute. Sadly, it came out of the death of one of my best friends father. The story was told at his visitation and it made me smile. I wanted to share it with my readers, so that his memory would live on in a lovingly comedic tribute. A fitting tribute to a man who will be missed. ENJOY! (I did tweak the story just a bit, for comedy value. Basically, the last two panels. The rest is true.)

issue 88 - Gregory: the really angry robot

We've talked about the subtle touches that I add to 'Gregory', the things that you may not always catch on the first reading. Some are more obvious than others, but I try and include little things every issue. In this one, you'll notice that one thing changes in the second to last panel that puts the punch in the punchline. If you miss it, the joke doesn't work. It's risky for me to put all my eggs in one visual basket, but I think it's part of the reason I love doing this so much. It makes me laugh. ENJOY!

issue 87 - Gregory: the really angry robot

As I was having to sit through 'The Legend of Zorro', I came across the scene with the pipe smoking horse. A lightning bolt from the sky hit me and I HAD to add him to the strip! He fits right in with The Smoking Moose and The Smoking Goose. It was too perfect. This issue also allowed me to rehash the "Horses are pretty." joke. A classic. ENJOY!

issue 86 - Gregory: the really angry robot

Sadly, I had to look up the joke for this one. The issue is a tie-in with a children't show from my past and one that you may recognize. It also allows Gregory to get a good put down, at my expense. Sometimes it's the simple things that I enjoy the most. ENJOY!

issue 85 - Gregory: the really angry robot

Once again, my artistic skills with MS Paint are put to the test. However, I was pretty happy with the overall results. (except my full body shot.) The concept started out really simple in my head, but in order to pull it off.... it took a lot of time and patience. The end result is a very visual joke and one that I still get a kick out of. ENJOY!

issue 84 - Gregory: the really angry robot

I have no idea why I love Mark and Steve so much, but darn it.... I do. The artwork, the jokes, the looks, the interaction between the two of thme. It's so much fun! This issue is based around a joke that I would TOTALLY tell, but instead, I gave it to Steve instead. This one gets me everytime. ENJOY!

issue 83 - Gregory: the really angry robot

I've always wanted to be a superhero, who hasn't? This was my chance to spread my wings and try it out! Sadly, 'Touchy-Feely Guy' isn't so supportive. Behold: The Wind Breaker!!!! ENJOY! (p.s. there is a tie-in with another strip I did for a while called 'Preacher.' Only certain people will get the joke. Truly an inside joke.)

issue 82 - Gregory: the really angry robot

As you can clearly see, my skills with MS Paint are put to the test here with a full body shot of myself. It's not a pretty sight, but it had to be done for the sake of the joke. Samara is back and hilarity ensues. ENJOY!

issue 81 - Gregory: the really angry robot

More fun with Fat Damon and Fat Affleck! This time, it's for keeps. That's all I have to say about that. ENJOY!

Friday, November 25, 2011

issue 80 - Gregory: the really angry robot

When my friends and I sit around, weird things happen. Out of one of those sitting around sessions, the concept of Fat Damon was born. He's basically Matt Damon, the actor, but he's overweight. And of course, if you have Fat Damon.... you need Fat Affleck. The whole concept was really funny to myself and the others in the room, when it was created. Again, I don't know how well it translates. I still giggle when I see them and you'll see them again.... trust me. ENJOY! (oh and by the way, this is not a dig on overweight people.... my apologies to anyone who is offended.)

issue 79 - Gregory: the really angry robot

Anyone who's seen my group photos for the Gregory-verse, may have noticed a couple of characters that never actually appeared in any issues. My biggest fan and co-author of his own version of 'Gregory', asked about those unused characters. I promised him that I'd use them at some point and from that promise came this issue. I rolled all of the characters into the same issue and stuck them in the 'waiting room' for the comic strip itself. As if the characters were all in the background of the strip itself and waiting for their big chance in the spotlight. It's another bizarre concept and another reason why 'Gregory' doesn't play by the rules. That's why I love it! ENJOY!

issue 78 - Gregory: the really angry robot

Disowning my own comic, in my own comic? It's like 'Inception' or something. Here we meet two new character's, Mark and Steve. I don't know if I'd call them uber-fans of Gregory and myself or rip-offs or stand-in actors? They just look kind of like Gregory and myself, except with different personalities and can't seem to stay in character. I also included the awesome character 'Napoleon Dynamite' and his creation.... The Liger. (yes, I stole The Liger drawing directly from the DVD artwork.) I really enjoy the look and feel of this issue, I just don't know how well it translates to the reader. ENJOY!

issue 77 - Gregory: the really angry robot

I wrote this issue based on a person I knew who was driving a Ford Festiva. I won't name names, as I don't want to embarass anyone. To be honest, I'm not sure I ever even showed this to the person who inspired it. Sadly, this one didn't turn out as funny as it did in my head during the creation process. The timing works funny in print form. Whatever.... ENJOY!

issue 76 - Gregory: the really angry robot

The crappy ninja is continuing to try out his skills on the reader, but sadly.... they don't work. After these initial two issues, the crappy ninja became pretty popular. I know I have at least one issue done by a reader that includes the crappy ninja. Gotta love the fans! ENJOY!

issue 75 - Gregory: the really angry robot

Ninja's are all the rage again, but I was a fan from back in the 80's. I've always loved them and just accidentially drew one while goofing around. In all my wisdom, I thought, why not make a crappy ninja? A ninja that knows what he's supposed to do and maybe has a slight idea how to do it, but just isn't very good at it. Hence, a bit of fried gold. ENJOY!

issue 74 - Gregory: the really angry robot

In my real life, for those who don't know me, I love horror films. I'm a big time geek for them. This issue was another celebrity tie-in, but a movie character rather than a real life celebrity. I had just seen the remake of 'The Ring' and felt the urge to include Samara in the Gregory-verse. My artwork, again, shows a lack of skill with the computer. But it makes up for it in comedy.... I hope. ENJOY!

issue 73 - Gregory: the really angry robot

The Gregory-verse has always been a simple place. One built around 2 dimensions and not much else. On occasion, I'd soup things up a bit and make it fancier.... and this issue is kind of a stab at myself and my lack of skills with MS Paint. The original idea was to use the more 3D type art for future issues, but that never really panned out. What I made instead was little references to it, like in this issue. ENJOY!

issue 72 - Gregory: the really angry robot

This is yet another issue that was inspired by my job at the blood bank. During the initial west nile virus outbreak, it was all the news could talk about and a constant topic at work. Therefore, I felt like I should respond and this is what came out. The dialouge is actually pretty accurate. If I get stumped for something funny to say in real life, I'll make something up.... exactly like in this issue. As a matter of fact, I'm pretty sure I've said the exact same thing as what was said here before. ENJOY!

issue 71 - Gregory: the really angry robot

I have no problems with smokers. I also don't write 'Gregory' to be preachy. This issue is an attempt to be neither anti-smoker or preachy.... it's just meant to be funny. (plus, I love The Smoking Moose. Love him.) ENJOY!