Sunday, October 30, 2011

issue 50 - Gregory: the really angry robot

It's another anime issue and it makes zero sense. Gregraham Lincoln, some weird animal thingy, me dressed as a schoolgirl.... what the heck is up with all of that? These issues are all so much fun to make, even if they make no sens.... that really doesn't matter. You can enjoy these issues regardless. ENJOY!

issue 49 - Gregory: the really angry robot

At last, the introduction of The Smoking Moose! One of my favorite characters and also two words that are damn fun to say together! Does The Smoking Moose have a point or a message? Nope. He's just a silly character with a bad vice. The funny thing is that I liked him so much, I created other characters with simliar vices. ENJOY!

issue 48 - Gregory: the really angry robot

I am not 100% if this issues dialogue makes sense or not. Ah well.... It's a fun little continuation of the last issues topical discussion. In the end of this, however, Yicky appears to put a period on the sentence. Yes, this is the end of this sequence. ENJOY!

issue 47 - Gregory: the really angry robot

The Clerk and The CEO are back again and this time they're together! A strange combination, but it speaks directly to the upperclass connecting with the middle/lower class. Or perhaps to the worker and the employer? It wasn't intended, but that's how it came out. I mean, sometimes the higher ups need to connect with those who work for them, so they can see what's really going on. Not just what's on a TPS report. Am I right? ENJOY!

issue 46 (the odd issue.) - Gregory: the really angry robot

I love changing things up and creating new characters. This one was so out of left field that how can you not love it? I have no clue where in the hell it came from, what it's name is, what it's purpose is.... all I know is that it made me giggle and I hope it made others giggle too. And, by the way, have you smelled asparagus pee before? It is truly an odd smell. ENJOY!

issue 45 - Gregory: the really angry robot

Yet another celebrity makes a stop in the Gregory-verse. This time, it's Dennis DeYoung of the band Styx. I hate Dennis DeYoung. It's implied that Gregory did something to him to make him 'go away'. I'll leave the rest of what happneed up to you. (by the way, if you heard the promo for the return of Greogry, before you started reading this, STYX's song 'Mr. Roboto' is used. Define irony.) ENJOY!

issue 44 - Gregory: the really angry robot

One of my first attempts at creating a whole scene, including backgrounds and set dressings. I think it turned out pretty well. This also is the issue with the first appearance of Billy the Belligerent Bot.... Gregory's cousin. Now, the show on the TV is supposed to be 'Night of the Living Dead' (1968), but obviously Gregory has something else on. The Spanish coming from the TV should make sense to those who speak the language. However, I don't speak it and had to use Babel Fish to write it all out and translate it. That means, I'm taking a big leap of faith by putting it out there and not having it spot checked first. Anyone speak Spanish? ENJOY!

issue 43 - Gregory: the really angry robot

I love Charles Bronson. Ever since Dennis introduced me to his films, I've been hooked. It was only logical that he make his way into the Gregory-verse. This is his first appearance, but not his last. I also felt it was appropriate to include Dennis in this issue and what better way than to give him his own Charles Bronson mask? Comedy soon followed. ENJOY!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

issue 42 - Gregory: the really angry robot

I remember when the inspiration for this hit me and for some reason I found it really funny in my head. Upon creating the costume and putting it all together, I think it came pretty close to the original idea I had in my head. Is it as funny as I thought it was? You can be the judge of that. Who doesn't love The Lord of the Dance?!?! (personally, I don't) ENJOY!

issue 41 (the return.) - Gregory: the really angry robot

After taking a much needed hiatus, I returned to form. In this issue, I explain where I've been and, of course, Dennis stops by to send his regards. It's a simple issue explaining things and having a little sweet sentiment.... but that's it. Nothing more, nothing less. ENJOY!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

issue 40 (the big bang) - Gregory: the really angry robot

Here is an example of using a bit of a cheat. You all know that I cut and paste this comic together from single panel drawings, right? Nothing is any different here, except that I used cut and paste to take the entire group shot I'd drawn to create the last panel. The group shot was done for promotional material, but I saw a better use for it here. This was the first issue where I took a hiatus. I would take several more in the course of the 10 year history, but this was one of (if not the only one) that I warned the reader ahead of time. If you're wondering why I stopped? It's all explained in issue 41. Lucky for you, it won't be a year and a half before you find out the answer. ENJOY!

(side note: during my hiatus(s), my good friend Adam took over the strip and wrote 'Greg-in-ex'. (Gregory in exile) He still put it under my name, but in reality.... he was doing all the work. I will probably include all of those later on, as they are well worth reading.)

(side, side note: you may notice a face or two in the crowd that you've never seen before.... I had characters that were created that didn't make the strip. I included them all at a later date.)

issue 39 - Gregory: the really angry robot

This would be the first issue where I say anything. Previously, I was the strong silent type.... or just the one who made goofy faces. With this issue, I'm not sure what was more of an incentive: Bringing PJ Harvey back or drawing lots of confetti. Either way, what's done is done and it can't be unseen. ENJOY!

issue 38 - Gregory: the really angry robot

Dennis is back and with a new mask! This time, it's his 'Jaws' themed headgear. I wish I could go back and re-live all the moments where these ideas came about.... it would be a darn fun time. Anyway, sometimes simple is good and this issue is very simple. ENJOY!

issue 37 - Gregory: the really angry robot

My little homage to 'Pulp Fiction', starring Gregory and Zodiac. Yet another issue that doesn't really tie into any previous issues, just a one off thing for the hell of it. When I re-read it, I think the writing is a bit clunky. It still kind of works, but not quite as well as it sounded in my head. These are the issues that make this comic kind of fun to read. You never know what you're going to get. ENJOY!

issue 36 - Gregory: the really angry robot

The Giant Mecha Wilford Brimley Head is back.... and lonely. Poor guy. These are fun issues to write, but quick to read. ENJOY!

(oh, he will return.... by the way)

issue 35 - Gregory: the really angry robot

Once again, a celebrity of sorts pops up. This time, it's Spider-Man. I kind of wonder why I chose a pager instead of a cell phone in this issue? I think cell phones were popular enough that Spider-Man would have had one. I don't know. It was a strange time. The joke is still there and it established yet another character to throw in once and a while to mix things up. ENJOY!

issue 34 - Gregory: the really angry robot

Bleargh Yar is back.... and he has to go to the bathroom. Poop makes everyone giggle and 99.9% of the population love bacon, so why not combine them?!?! Also, I went all out with the artwork. Notice the reflection in the mirror and the fact that the toilet paper roll has moved. I'm the next Van Gogh. Not. ENJOY!

issue 33 - Gregory: the really angry robot

Sometimes, you have to change things up.... in order to keep things fresh. Kind of like role playing in the bedroom for old married couples. That's why issues like this happened. That and suggestions from friends. ie: My best friend Matt, had been watching a lot of 'Blue's Clues' with his daughter and I think that's where this idea came from. Of course, I couldn't use 'Blue's Clues'. I didn't want to get sued. That's how I came up with the cleverly disguised 'Green's Schemes'. Eh? In all honesty, I really liked Steve Burns on that show, so I meant no harm.... but it was just too eash to come up with this concept. (plus, I wanted to create the 'Technical Difficulty' thingy) ENJOY!

issue 32 - Gregory: the really angry robot

Dennis enjoyed being a character in 'Gregory: the really angry robot'. And I liked taking things he'd come up with in real life and insterting them into the comic. Case in point, 'Richard Nixon Porn Star'. The mask and t-shirt that Dennis is wearing in this issue are basically the costume for 'Richard Nixon Porn Star'. So I added a loose plot involving The Clerk and VIOLA!.... comedy. ENJOY!

issue 31 - Gregory: the really angry robot

I don't know why, but I love Gregory: the happ'nin beatnik robot. Perhaps it's the soul patch or the Lennon glasses? Maybe it's the beret? No matter why it is what it is, I loved doing this flashback issues. This one was all because I came up with the poem in my head and built the rest around it. Also, the last line "Cheez it, narc!" was something I'd been saying for a long time and I was hoping to get into the regular slang vocabulary of everyone I knew. It didn't work. ENJOY!

issue 30a - Gregory: the really angry robot

For some reason, I liked re-doing issues or altering originals. (ala George Lucas) But not quite as bad as George Lucas. This issue is almost an exact duplicate of issue 30, only with one slight variation. I had drawn up a chef character, Luigi perhaps?, and wanted to use him. In my mind, the ending of this issue made me giggle.... because of that, I had to do it. Thus, the repeated issues. ENJOY!

issue 30 - Gregory: the really angry robot

In this flashback episode, we find Gregory yet again posing as the president. (or as we refer to him, Gregraham Lincoln) Zodiac doesn't seem to get that he's a stand in and there lies the humor. This issue is historic and totally accurate! (hehehe) ENJOY!

issue 29 - Gregory: the really angry robot

More Dennis! This is the issue based on the original idea that got Dennis involved in this comic to begin with. It also uses The Clerk yet again, but he's in another job. He changes them a lot. I also introduced everyone to the gorilla mask. I know, it's not exactly the best gorilla mask.... deal with it. Finally, with the Dennis character, you can always expect him to pop his head back around the corner for one final laugh. That's partially because I couldn't seem to draw his head straight. ENJOY!

issue 28 - Gregory: the really angry robot

This is the first introduction of Dennis. Now, Dennis is a real person and a long time, dear friend of mine. He's a bit of an odd duck sometimes and we all love to play up that fact. Hence, his introduction to this Gregory-verse. We never see his face and we never hear him talk, all we see is him in a mask. This all stems from a plan he had (in real life) to get a gorilla costume and stand in the middle of a cemetary wearing it, waving at cars driving by on the freeway. I'm not sure why he wanted to do this, but it made me laugh. So, when you see his character in a gorilla mask.... you'll know why. ENJOY!

(side note: Dennis became a huge fan favorite character and is probably the most used supporting character in the series.... and yes, it's fun creating the masks)

issue 27 - Gregory: the really angry robot

ANIME STYLE! I don't remember the trigger for this issue, but I do remember that I loved creating it. It also spawned other similar issues. There is something about the anime style that lends itself well to the Gregory-verse. I even went so far as to create asian versions of the title of the strip.... or so I lead the readers to believe. This was also the first appearance of the Giant Mecha Wilford Brimley Head. I created him long before the whole 'Diabeetus' meme's got started. It made sense that in an anime style strip, there would be a mecha. Thus, the Giant Mecha Wilford Brimley Head! (no, I was not on drugs when I created him) ENJOY!

issue 26 - Gregory: the really angry robot

Everyone has a "contest" at some point in the life, right? This was my homage to that rite of passage. It was also my first real attempt at creating group shots with my characters. I think it turned out pretty good and it's fun to look at all the little things, like each pair of eyes moving. Actually, that's the one thing that I think was lost on a lot of readers. You have to read each panel slowly and take in everything that's going on. Since this is such a short comic to read, I had to make the most of each panel. I think most people just go to the reading parts, read them and hurry to the end. To truly enjoy the strip, you have to take it slowly and one panel at a time. Also, it's easy and hard at the same time to create an issue. Since each piece of art is cut and paste from the original art, it's hard to do groups. However, it's really easy to put one character in the panel alone. ENJOY!

issue 25 - Gregory: the really angry robot

Second verse, same as the first! I have no idea why issue 24 and 25 are EXACTLY the same, but they are. Sorry about that. ENJOY! (again)

issue 24 - Gregory: the really angry robot

Remember how I said that we don't give away Gregory's age? I may have spoken too soon. It would seem that this issue gives that away. Also, this issue ends kind of strangely and made sense to me at the time. I hope you dig it anyway. We're introduced to the 'Car'pet Salesman. We also have Zodiac, who appears to be as old as Gregory.... which is never explained. I think I need some Advil. ENJOY! (side note: I think I missed this in an earlier issue, but I had people submit ideas for the comic. I gave them credit for their concepts and this issue was one of those issues. Thanks Wil! He was a regular contributor and a long time friend of mine)

issue 23 - Gregory: the really angry robot

It's kind of funny how some of my 'celebrity' characters are drawn to look exactly like their real life counterparts. Others are drawn to have similarities or at least that's what I'm trying to do. In this case, PJ Harvey really doesn't look like her, but looks like an MS Paint version of her from her album art for 'Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea'. I also don't truly believe that she's all that angry of a lady. At least not all the time. I do still love her and her music. (that's why I'm in this issue too!) ENJOY!

issue 22 - Gregory: the really angry robot

The trilogy continues, in a fourth issue? I never said I was good at this comic thingy. Anyway, I had to bring closure to the Gregory love story and this issue tied it up very simply. Does the cola machine come back? You'll have to just keep reading! ENJOY!

issue 21 part 3 - Gregory: the really angry robot

And as quickly as it begins, it ends.... or does it? (wait until the next issue to find out for sure) Anyway, here we have Zodiac doing something harmless like buying a soda. It causes Gregory to rethink his feelings for his love. It's just that simple. ENJOY!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

issue 20 part 2 - Gregory: the really angry robot

The saga continues, as Gregory learns some new information about his love interest. We are also introduced to the frat/jock guy. He isn't a super popular character, but he has his usefulness. I found it fun to put the 'Really Angry Robot' in the situation where he is in love. I don't know why it brought me such joy, but damn it, it did. ENJOY!

issue 19 part 1 - Gregory: the really angry robot

This issue is the first in a 3 part trilogy. Basically, it's the story of Gregory in love. It's not the last time that issues would tie together, but it is the first time I used this device. If you notice in the group shot at the top of this page, the cola machine from these issues is part of the group. (towards the right side, on the lower half) I guess love is blind. ENJOY!

issue 18 (the unfunniest yet.) - Gregory: the really angry robot

Here we have the CEO in the boardroom, talking about his chart. I think the joke is a bit confusing, but not so much that you won't get it. It's just a visual that needs color and that isn't going to happen in a black and white comic. Once again, I have dubbed this "the unfunniest yet". I wouldn't go that far, but it's not hilarious either. ENJOY!

issue 17 - Gregory: the really angry robot

Hogarth + The Clerk = fun. I really like this issue. It's a lot of writing for me and a lot of reading for you, but I think the payoff is decent. "My mommy says that I have a penis." That just makes me giggle. ENJOY!

issue 16 (sweet 16....) - Gregory: the really angry robot

Yet another new character introduced, the Star Trek guy. As usual, I'm pretty sure I gave him a name.... I just have no clue what it might be. Either way, this issue features some violence. Most of the issues are pretty tame (and so is this one), but there is some pain involved. Have any of you ever wanted to do this to a Star Trek guy? ENJOY!

(no offense to any Star Trek fans, I enjoy the series myself, in moderation)

issue 15 - Gregory: the really angry robot

Remember the first time we met Yicky? He said a curse word. For some reason, in this issue, I edited what he said. I don't remember my logic, but I must have had a good reason. Anyway, here we have Yicky and the touchy-feely guy chatting about breakfast cereal. The result of this harmless conversation is disgusting. ENJOY!

issue 14 - Gregory: the really angry robot

Issue 14 brought back the indie rock guy and Gregory, of course. It also brought in the random mosh pit dude. I have no clue why I even drew him, as he's not a great artistic acheivement. Anyway, this issue has some action in it instead of the usual static poses. Anywho.... ENJOY!

issue 13 (unlucky 13!) - Gregory: the really angry robot

So, what do you get when you add The Clerk, Gregory and me? Issue 13. This issue makes zero sense and I am not sure what I was thinking when I made it. If you notice on the upper right hand part of the panels, there is a little black bar that is moving up and down. I have no clue why. I suggest you just read this issue and move on. ENJOY!

issue 12 - Gregory: the really angry robot

Once again, Zodiac and Gregory hangin' out. This issue leads us to believe that Gregory is pre-programmed and maybe doesn't have as much free will as previously thought. That myth doesn't last long. Gregory is his own person. ENJOY!

issue 11 (time warp!) - Gregory: the really angry robot

I think it's kind of silly that I started doing weird themed issues so quickly. It's like I already had an established comic and needed something fresh to keep the readers interested. The truth is, I just really wanted to stretch out and enjoy the characters and doing something fun like this was the perfect way to do it. The issue features Zodiac and Gregory and indicates that they're both much older than most people might expect. There was a lot of speculation about how old Gregory is. I kind of touch on it, but I never really give a clear indication.... he's an enigma. ENJOY!

issue 10 - Gregory: the really angry robot

Finally! The format was finalized with the 6 panel format. This issue also includes the first appearance of me. Yes, that's my version of me.... when I still had my hair. (now I shave it off) It also introduces The Clerk. I think he has a name, but I am drawing a blank. Either way, he was a fairly regular sub-character and a fun one to write for. Things should get a little better now. Thanks for sticking it out. ENJOY!

issue 9 (unfunny still) - Gregory: the really angry robot

Once again, another new character. This is The CEO and judging by his name and where he's located, he's a CEO of a company. This is another favorite character, but I never quite figured out why. This issue was especially well liked, again.... not sure why. I think it's funny that I noted that I still felt it was unfunny in the title of the issue. Ah well.... ENJOY!

issue 8 (explicit language.) - Gregory: the really angry robot

No, that's not who you think it is.... it's Yicky the Rat. This was my first issue where Gregory wasn't featured. It was also my first issue where I brought in a pseudo-celebrity guest star. Granted, Yicky isn't a true celebrity, but he looks like one. Later, I bring in real celebrities.... you'll see. ENJOY! (this issue contains foul language, you have been warned)

Monday, October 24, 2011

issue 7 (new format.) - Gregory: the really angry robot

According to the way I saved this issue, I called it the 'new format'. It may have seemed like a good idea at the time, but it was not the format that stuck. It was just too much. Anyway, this issue introduces us to Hogarth, the annoying business guy. You know, the one who talks on his cell phone all the time and drinks his trendy coffee. The funny thing is, he grew into an enjoyable character later on. He may be a little "touched" in the head, but he's a nice guy. ENJOY!

issue 6 - Gregory: the really angry robot

And so Muffy was introduced to the world. She's a very oddly drawn and only used like twice character. I don't know what made me think she was a good idea. I can honestly say that I still don't like her after all these years. My suggestion is to just read it and move on. ENJOY! (side note: yet another non-'mega issue!' issue)

issue 5 - Gregory: the really angry robot

While re-reading each of these issues, as I put them on this site, I wonder how this comic has lasted for 10 years. Granted, I think some of the later issues are really funny, but these first ones are kind of rough. This one features Zodiac again with Gregory. Eventually my own personal character will be introduced and that's when things start to get interesting. (in my opinion) ENJOY! (quick side note: based on the layout and number of panels used, shouldn't this have been considered a 'mega issue!' too?)

issue 4 (mega issue!) - Gregory: the really angry robot

This is what I used to call a 'mega issue!'. Once you see my 100th issue, you'll see a true 'mega issue!'. This is the one that introduced the world to Bleargh Yar, the alien guy. He became a favorite of the readers for some reason, but didn't appear a whole lot. The storyline of this issue is simple and the obvious formula continues. In later issues, I realized that the whole 'angry' thing could only go so far. I would need to introduce other characters and other storylines to keep it fresh. We'll get to that later. ENJOY!

issue 3 - Gregory: the really angry robot

Yet another character introduced here. It's strange that after doing this for 10 years, that I wouldn't remember who was who. It actually kind of sucks, but what'cha gonna do? This particular character is kind of the representation of the indie rock/kind of hippie guy. He's a nice guy and Gregory takes advantage of this. ENJOY!

(side note: I'm sure that some of you will draw a comparison between Bender from 'Futurama' and 'Gregory: the really angry robot'. I never realized it until long after I'd been doing the comic. I actually think that Gregory's cousin, Billy: the belligerent bot, is closer to Bender.... but still not an intentional thing.)

issue 2 - Gregory: the really angry robot

In issue 2, things continue on their unfunny path. We're introduced to the 'touchy-feely' character. I am drawing a blank as to his real name right now, but he shows up quite a bit. Maybe it'll come to me later? Anyway, ENJOY!