Monday, October 24, 2011

Welcome to 'Gregory: the really angry robot', the OFFICIAL blog of my online comic....!

Well, this has been a long time coming. 'Gregory' has actually been around since 2001, but has been on an unlimited hiatus for several years now. Some of you may already be familiar with Gregory and his online antics.... to the rest of you, welcome! Let's give you a little backstory....

A long time ago, 2001 to be exact, I worked at an online company. During my time there, I wasted a lot of time on MS Paint drawing pictures of my boss as a pot smoking pirate. I was never very good at using the computer to draw, as I was raised to be an artist the old fashioned way. Somehow, amidst all of my goofing off, something happened. Something I can't explain, but that I'm glad occured. Gregory was born. He started as just a series of lines and ended up an akward looking robot. I don't know why I thought he was angry and I don't know how in the hell it took off from there.... but it did. (and somehow I made my way into the strip as well!) What's kind of funny about the strip, is that it's all just cut and paste with minimal changes to facial features. On occasion, I'll make things much more in depth, art wise, but not often. With this method, I only have to draw each character once and then just make minor changes. It's pretty sweet. One other thing, you may find random type-o's and what not. Just consider them part of the charm of the strip. I don't know why I didn't catch them as I was writing the issue, but I've left them in for all to see.

I wasn't sure how to get it out to the masses and I really didn't know if they'd even care. I started to distribute it via an email chain. That grew and grew until one day I was asked to make it a weekly thing for my friends over at the Faux Newz site. That led to an animated version of Gregory and eventually his own dedicated site. Sadly, I couldn't keep up with the cost of renewal and it was eaten by the internet monster. That brings us to now.

I suddenly have been feeling the need to bring him out of retirement, as I think there's many more stories to tell. So what I'm going to do is start at #1 (which is pretty rough to read) and reprint all of them in order. They'll all go up really quickly, so that I can get to writing and drawing new comics. I've also got a backlog of 'Extras'. What I mean is that I have odds and ends that weren't exactly part of the main strip. One off comics, spin offs and totally different comics. I also have character art and stuff. This will be the ultimate Gregory fan site. It may be in blog form, which isn't the best format for this kind of thing, but it's easy to navigate and will satisfy me need to create. I hope you like it and we'll see how long all of this lasts.... ENJOY!

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