Wednesday, October 26, 2011

issue 40 (the big bang) - Gregory: the really angry robot

Here is an example of using a bit of a cheat. You all know that I cut and paste this comic together from single panel drawings, right? Nothing is any different here, except that I used cut and paste to take the entire group shot I'd drawn to create the last panel. The group shot was done for promotional material, but I saw a better use for it here. This was the first issue where I took a hiatus. I would take several more in the course of the 10 year history, but this was one of (if not the only one) that I warned the reader ahead of time. If you're wondering why I stopped? It's all explained in issue 41. Lucky for you, it won't be a year and a half before you find out the answer. ENJOY!

(side note: during my hiatus(s), my good friend Adam took over the strip and wrote 'Greg-in-ex'. (Gregory in exile) He still put it under my name, but in reality.... he was doing all the work. I will probably include all of those later on, as they are well worth reading.)

(side, side note: you may notice a face or two in the crowd that you've never seen before.... I had characters that were created that didn't make the strip. I included them all at a later date.)

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