Wednesday, October 26, 2011

issue 33 - Gregory: the really angry robot

Sometimes, you have to change things up.... in order to keep things fresh. Kind of like role playing in the bedroom for old married couples. That's why issues like this happened. That and suggestions from friends. ie: My best friend Matt, had been watching a lot of 'Blue's Clues' with his daughter and I think that's where this idea came from. Of course, I couldn't use 'Blue's Clues'. I didn't want to get sued. That's how I came up with the cleverly disguised 'Green's Schemes'. Eh? In all honesty, I really liked Steve Burns on that show, so I meant no harm.... but it was just too eash to come up with this concept. (plus, I wanted to create the 'Technical Difficulty' thingy) ENJOY!

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