Thursday, November 24, 2011

issue 67 - Gregory: the really angry robot

While watching a commercial for the IFC, I saw Hallie Kate Eisenberg from the movie 'Paulie' and Pepsi commecial fame. She was talking about being an independent film maker and said her film was going to be called 'Horses Are Pretty', because.... "Horses ARE pretty." I loved it and it made me laugh. A prime example of my style of humor. I adopted it for my own and beat it to death. That's what lead to this issue, which lead to the creation of the first and only 'Gregory: the really angry robot' animated short. It was put together by none other than Keyz, formerly of The Awful Show. This was long before The Awful Show or before I even knew him. It was never finished the way it was supposed to be done, but it is 95% done and I still love it. If I can find a way to post it here, I absolutely will. ENJOY!

(SIDE NOTE: I am deathly afraid of horses.)

(here's the clip i'm referring to. LOL)

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